The Regional Society for Support of People with Intellectual Disabilities (RSSPID) – Vidin is a branch of the Bulgarian Association for People with Intellectual Disabilities (BAPID). RSSPID was established in 1989 by parents of children with intellectual disabilities as a self-governing and non-political organization. It aims at uniting the parents, relatives and friends of people with intellectual disabilities, as well as presenting and defending their specific problems and interests before the state authorities and social organizations as follows:

– Contributes to the welfare of people with intellectual disabilities, including their material, mental and social well being, through using all possible means for development of their potential abilities;

– Disseminates information and knowledge that assist parents and relatives in providing care for their children;

– Stimulates the implementation of highest possible standards of diagnosis, medical treatment, education and employment for people with intellectual disabilities; exerts control in this respect;

– Submits project proposals to state authorities for new normative acts related to the rights of people with intellectual disabilities; monitors the implementation of effective regulations;

– Provides counseling to parents and relatives of people with intellectual disabilities on education and job opportunities for such people;

– Promotes international cooperation in information and expertise exchange;

– Initiates activities focused on positive changes in public attitude towards people with intellectual disabilities.

Within the changes in the national legislation in the social sphere, The Regional Society for Support of People with Intellectual Disabilities – Vidin becomes a service provider. The NGO provides community based social services for people with intellectual disabilities and their families in the region of Vidin, an alternative of the now existing big residential institutions.

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